Author: Alex Reece

dbbench database workloads

New Release of dbbench Streamlines Database Workload Testing

Our performance engineering team is committed to delivering high quality tools. Since we released dbbench 7 months ago, it has been widely adopted across our engineering and sales teams as the definitive tool for testing database workloads. Today we are announcing availability of a new version of dbbench, as well as a package of high level tools to enhance it. In this latest release, we enhanced both the flexibility and ease of use of the tool. We augmented capabilities of dbbench and added a...


dbbench: Bringing Active Benchmarking to Databases

In my last blog post, I investigated a Linux performance issue affecting a specific customer workload. In this post, I will introduce the tool I created to drive that investigation. Recently, a customer was running a test where data was loaded into MemSQL via LOAD DATA. The customer’s third-party benchmarking tool found that MemSQL took twice as long to load the same amount of data as a competing database; however, the numbers reported by this tool did not make sense. Local tests had shown...

Investigating Linux Performance

Investigating Linux Performance with Off-CPU Flame Graphs

The Setup As a performance engineer at MemSQL, one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that customer Proof of Concepts (POCs) run smoothly. I was recently asked to assist with a big POC, where I was surprised to encounter an uncommon Linux performance issue. I was running a synthetic workload of 16 threads (one for each CPU core). Each one simultaneously executed a very simple query (select count(*) from t where i > 5) against a columnstore table. In theory, this ought to be a CPU...