Author: Carl Sverre

MemSQL and Docker

Run MemSQL in Minutes with Docker

Evaluating software infrastructure is important, but it should not be difficult. You should be able to try and see quickly whether a piece of core software suits your needs. This is one of the many helpful use cases for Docker. Of course Docker has many more uses, including helping run a 107 node cluster with CoreOS, but this post focuses on the quick start scenario. With an install of for Mac or Windows, and a pre-configured ‘cluster-in-a-box’ Docker container, you can be on...

Running MemSQL's 107 Node Test Infrastructure on CoreOS

At a recent CoreOS meetup, I gave a presentation on the design and implementation of Psyduck, which is the name for MemSQL’s test infrastructure.  In this talk, I’ll explain how MemSQL runs over 60,000 tests every day on our 107 machine cluster running CoreOS.