Author: Mike Boyarski

Direct Employers Case Study

Improving Recruiting Performance with Cloud-Based Real-Time Analytics

About DirectEmployers Association DirectEmployers Association is a nonprofit human resources consortium of leading global employers formed to improve labor market efficiency through sharing best practices. The organization helps companies reduce recruiting costs and ensure regulatory compliance of recruitment programs, such as veteran and public disability requirements. The Impact of Data for Corporate Recruiting The DirectEmployers application collects a variety of data across the web to help...

How to Move Analytics to Real Time

How to Move Analytics to Real-Time

3x Spend Increase “Between 2016 and 2019, spending on real-time analytics will grow three times faster than spending on non-real-time analytics.” Every organization uses some form of analytics to monitor and improve their business. The growth of data has increased the impact of analytics and is a critical ingredient for delivering a successful digital business strategy. Companies are using more real-time analytics, because of the pressure to increase the speed and accuracy of...