Author: Serena Malkani

Spark Summit East 2016

Real-Time Solutions Take Center Stage at Spark Summit East 2016

We spent last week in New York at Spark Summit East talking with the visionaries and data architects using Apache Spark. PowerStream Demo At the show we introduced PowerStream, an Internet of Things (IoT) showcase application with visualizations and alerts based on data from 2 million sensors across global wind farms. PowerStream ingests that data and provides actionable insights in real time, giving users a glimpse of how the future of sustainability can be fully realized by adapting data to...

Nikita Hive

Top Stream Processing Questions Answered by the Experts (Hive Panel Recording)

The Hive think tank recently held a panel discussion on Stream Processing Systems. Panelists debated best approaches to messaging platforms, stream systems, and accompanying data stores. Other topics included scalability, latency, fault-tolerance/reliability/High Availability, ease and simplicity of deployment, maturity and popularity, enterprise features, and security. There was a lot covered! Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Media’s Chief Data Scientist, moderated the conversation, comprised of...