Author: Seth Luersen

Amazon S3 Real-Time Analytics

Turning Amazon S3 Into a Real-Time Analytics Pipeline

MemSQL 5.7 introduces a new pipeline extractor for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Many modern applications interface with Amazon S3 to store data objects into buckets up to 5TB providing a new modern approach for today’s enterprise data lake. Without analytics, the data is just a bunch of files For modern enterprise data warehouses, the challenge is to harness the unlimited nature of S3 for ad-hoc and real-time analytics. For traditional data warehouse applications, extracting data from...

The State of Real Time for Property Insurers

The State of Real Time for Property and Casualty Insurers

In some industries, a hesitance remains in recognizing the commodification forces of real-time solutions. These industries often rely on orthodox tenets as barriers to marketplace entry, such as regulatory compliance, traditional value propositions, brand recognition, and market penetration. The term “ripe for disruption” often characterizes these industries and their respective leaders. Arguably, an illustrative industry in the midst of responding to commodification, adapting to real-time...

Free MemSQL Resources

A Guide to Free MemSQL Educational Resources

For interested database developers, database administrators, and data scientists, we proudly offer several learning resources. These include YouTube educational videos, Enterprise trial Editions of MemSQL, extensive public product documentation, knowledge base articles, a SlideShare presentation repository, and a public Slack channel. Online Education Videos We have numerous videos available at Ankur Goyal: Database Systems Class, CMU, April 2016 Learn from Ankur Goyal, our...