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Exactly-Once Semantics

Getting to Exactly-Once Semantics with Apache Kafka and MemSQL Pipelines (Webcast On-Demand)

The urgency for IT leaders to bring real-time analytics to their organizations is stronger than ever. For these organizations, the ability to start with fresh data and combine streaming, transactional, and analytical workloads in a single system can revolutionize their operations. When moving from batch to real time, data architects should carefully consider what type of streaming semantics will optimize their workload. The table below highlights the nuances among different types of streaming...

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Real-Time Analytics with Kafka and MemSQL

Connected devices, IoT, and on-demand user expectations push enterprises to deliver instant answers at scale. Applications that anticipate customer needs and fulfill expectations for fast, personalized services win the attention of consumers. Perceptive companies have taken note of these trends and are turning to memory-optimized technologies like Apache Kafka and MemSQL to power real-time analytics. High Speed Ingest Building real-time systems begins with capturing data at its source and using...