Introducing MemSQL Cloud

Introducing MemSQL Cloud

Today we announced a brand new managed service, MemSQL Cloud. We look forward to sharing more details with the industry and will be at AWS re:Invent at booth 2820. We have also put together a few questions and answers below. You can also take a peek at our news release launched today. Why is the time right for a managed real-time analytics platform-as-a-service? Application data is being born in the cloud at an ever growing rate. Cloud data is no longer just for media files and backups but...

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Everyone Deserves Nice Things

Software is eating the world! It’s a data explosion! The Internet is now of Things! Scratch that, even better – it is of Everything! Did Big Data just call out IoT on Twitter? Click here to find out. [1] I kid the Internet. In all seriousness, what a magical time we live in. Moore’s Law means cheap hardware, then next thing you know, Cloud. Internet ubiquity invites the globe to the party. Feats of software engineering that were impossible for nation-states to pull off a...

MemSQL on AWS and Azure Marketplaces

MemSQL Community Edition Available on AWS and Azure Marketplaces

Good news, everyone! Today we’re releasing MemSQL Community Edition on the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces. Many of our customers run MemSQL in the cloud, and often their entire infrastructure. An even larger number try MemSQL first on the cloud before pulling it into their production systems. A great example is VCare, currently using MemSQL deployed on AWS cloud instances to power its online, real-time charging platform. VCare supports Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs),...