big data changing

From Big to Now: The Changing Face of Data

Data is changing. You knew that. But the dialog over the past 10 years around big data and Hadoop is rapidly moving to data and real-time. We have tackled how to capture big data at scale. We can thank the Hadoop Distributed File System for that, as well as cloud object stores like AWS S3. But we have not yet tackled the instant results part of big data. For that we need more. But first, some history. Turning Point for the Traditional Data Warehouse Internet scale workloads that emerged in the...

Lambda Architecture

Real-Time Stream Processing Architecture with Hadoop and MemSQL

With Hadoop Summit Europe underway today, we wanted to share some thoughts on how MemSQL fits in to the Hadoop ecosystem. While MemSQL and Hadoop are both data stores, they fill different roles in the data processing and analytics stack. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) enables businesses to store large volumes of immutable data, but by design, it is used almost exclusively for batch processing. Moreover, newer execution frameworks, that are faster and storage agonistic, are...