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Real-Time Streaming, Analytics, and Visualization with MemSQL and Zoomdata

We regularly host meetups at MemSQL headquarters as a way to share what we have been working on, connect with the community, and get in-person feedback from people like you. We also invite partners and customers to join us as well. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a meetup with Zoomdata, where we shared two presentations on real-time streaming, analytics, and visualization using MemSQL and Zoomdata. The first presentation “Streaming in the Enterprise with MemSQL” is presented by...

MemSQL Cloud Partners

MemSQL Cloud and Our Partners

Yesterday, MemSQL announced the general availability of MemSQL Cloud. One of the key focuses of building the managed service was to deliver a faster way for customers to quickly load and visualize data analytics. This achievement was only possible by working closely with our partners. From the beginning, our goal was to make it easy for customers to load and analyze their data stored in MemSQL Cloud. With this launch, our team tested and verified connections with leading ETL providers such as...

MemSQL and Cisco

Cisco UCS and MemSQL: Real-Time Data Warehouse for the Enterprise

Real-time analytics on live data and the ability to analyze data at scale, are key for any digital organization. Acting on insights in the moment helps deliver contextual user experiences, identify new sources of revenue, and prevent costly expenditures. To become a responsive data-driven business, organizations must address current data latency challenges. These challenges are commonly found across three general areas: Three Data Latency Challenges and Solutions Slow data loading: Loading data,...