verify trusted users

Protecting Against the Insider Threat - Verify Your Trusted Users

Continuing with the blog post, Protecting Against the Insider Threat, where the theme was the “Separation of Administrative Duties” as a way to disintermediate the Database Administrator (DBA) from the data, this blog will focus on the need to “Trust, but Verify” your users. It is always the assumption that employees will act in their best interest for the good of the organization and their customers. But, what if they don’t? Unfortunately, this can be the reality in some organizations...

Insider Threat Protection

Protecting Against the “Insider Threat” with MemSQL

Today, a number of cyber attacks are carried out by malicious insiders or inadvertent actors. Whether a large government agency or commercial company, protecting your data is critical to successful operations. A data breach can cost significant amounts of lost revenue, a tarnished brand, as well as lost customer loyalty. For government agencies, the consequences can be more severe. MemSQL has a comprehensive security focus, including the ability to protect sensitive data against the “Insider...