Geospatial Intelligence

We are happy to be in New York City this week for Spark Summit East. We will be sharing more about our new geospatial capabilities, as well as the work with Esri to showcase the power of MemSQL geospatial features in conjunction with Apache Spark.

Last week we shared the preliminary release of MemSQL geospatial features introduced at the Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs. You can read more about the live demonstration showcased at the summit here.

The demonstration uses the “Taxistats” dataset: a compilation of 170 million real-world NYC taxi rides. It includes GPS coordinates of the pickup and dropoff, distance, and travel time. MemSQL is coupled with the new version of Esri’s ArcGIS Server, which has a new feature to translate ArcGIS queries into external database queries. From there we generate heatmaps from the raw data in sub-second time.

This week we launched the official news release of MemSQL geospatial capabilities.

By integrating geospatial functions, MemSQL enables enterprises to achieve greater database efficiency with a single database that is in-memory, linearly scalable and supports the full rage of relational SQL and geospatial functions. With MemSQL, geospatial data no longer remains separate and becomes just another data type with lock-free capabilities and powerful manipulation functions.

Geospatial Intelligence
Meanwhile at Spark Summit East, you can catch the Esri-Spark-MemSQL combination in action at the talk by Mansour Raad from Esri.

Geospatial and Temporal Analysis and Visualization

Esri-Spark-MemSQL talk and demonstration

Mansour Raad (Esri)

4:30pm – 05:00pm, Track B, Applications

You can read more details in the media alert:

Esri and MemSQL Use Open Transportation Data to Showcase the Power of Real-Time Geospatial Intelligence at Spark Summit East.

Be sure to catch MemSQL at Spark Summit East

Wednesday March 18th – Thursday March 19th

Booth 13

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

We will be giving away t-shirts and Estes flying drones!

If you would like to schedule a meeting or demonstration with MemSQL while at the show you can do so here.

Hope to see you at Spark Summit East!

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