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Go Beyond Legacy Data with Change Data Capture, MemSQL, and Real-Time Applications

Data is driving innovative customer experiences, operation optimization, and new revenue streams. Data infrastructure teams are being asked to update their legacy infrastructure to respond to changing business conditions without disrupting existing operations. The future of data management is modernizing legacy systems using real-time data synchronization with modern databases that can accelerate innovation without impacting existing applications. The Challenge of Legacy Systems A constant...

Modern Database Characteristics

Characteristics of a Modern Database

Many legacy database systems are not equipped for modern applications. Near ubiquitous connectivity drives high-velocity, high-volume data workloads – think smartphones, connected devices, sensors – and a unique set of data management requirements. As the number of connected applications grows, businesses turn to in-memory solutions built to ingest and serve data simultaneously. Bonus Material: Free O’Reilly Ebook – learn how to build real-time data pipelines with modern...

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