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Full-Text Search in MemSQL

Today, we are sharing that MemSQL now has Full-Text Search, a highly requested feature, built into the product. Thanks to customer feedback, we are delighted to make it available for all companies building real-time applications. What is Full-Text Search? You might be thinking, “MemSQL is pretty fast at searching things and they already support large strings, so why do they need to add anything?” So let’s start with a description of Full-Text Search (FTS). Full-Text Search is different...

MemSQL 5 Beta

Introducing MemSQL 5 Beta

A post from our co-founders Eric Frenkiel, CEO and Nikita Shamgunov, CTO Today MemSQL 5 Beta is publicly available! MemSQL customers have been able to achieve remarkable results with our database, and we look forward to feedback on this upcoming release from our user community. Click here to jump to MemSQL 5 Beta download ⇒ This release aligns with our 5th anniversary as a company and it is our most ambitious release to date. Over the past five years, we have learned how to deliver real-time...