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Path to Predictive Analytics Book

The Path to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning - Free O’REILLY Book

Organizations once waited hours, days, or even weeks to get a handle on their data. In an earlier era, that sufficed. But with today’s endless stream of zeros and ones, data must be usable right away. It’s the crux of decision making for enterprises competing in the modern era. Recognizing cross-industry interest in massive data ingest and analytics, we teamed up with O’Reilly Media on a new book: The Path to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. In this book, we share the latest step...


Using MemSQL and Spark for Machine Learning

At Spark Summit in San Francisco, we highlighted our PowerStream showcase application, which processes and analyzes data from over 2 million sensors on 200,000 wind turbines installed around the world. We sat down with one of our PowerStream engineers, John Bowler, to discuss his work on our integrated MemSQL and Apache Spark solutions. What is the relationship between MemSQL and Spark? At its core, MemSQL is a database engine, and Spark is a powerful option for writing code to transform data....

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Predictions 2016: the Impact of Real-Time Data

Prediction 1. The industrial internet moves to real-time data pipelines The industrial internet knits together big data, machine learning, and machine-to-machine communications to detect patterns and adjust operations in near real time. Soon the industrial internet will expand by definition to include the Internet of Things. The detection of patterns and insights often comes with a price: time. While the goal of machine learning is to develop models that will prove useful, dealing with large...