Amazon S3 Real-Time Analytics

Turning Amazon S3 Into a Real-Time Analytics Pipeline

MemSQL 5.7 introduces a new pipeline extractor for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Many modern applications interface with Amazon S3 to store data objects into buckets up to 5TB providing a new modern approach for today’s enterprise data lake. Without analytics, the data is just a bunch of files For modern enterprise data warehouses, the challenge is to harness the unlimited nature of S3 for ad-hoc and real-time analytics. For traditional data warehouse applications, extracting data from...

Exactly-Once Semantics

Getting to Exactly-Once Semantics with Apache Kafka and MemSQL Pipelines (Webcast On-Demand)

The urgency for IT leaders to bring real-time analytics to their organizations is stronger than ever. For these organizations, the ability to start with fresh data and combine streaming, transactional, and analytical workloads in a single system can revolutionize their operations. When moving from batch to real time, data architects should carefully consider what type of streaming semantics will optimize their workload. The table below highlights the nuances among different types of streaming...

MemSQL Pipelines

MemSQL Pipelines: Real-Time Data Ingestion with Exactly-Once Semantics

Today we launched MemSQL 5.5 featuring MemSQL Pipelines, a new way to achieve maximum performance for real-time data ingestion at scale. This implementation enables exactly-once semantics when streaming from message brokers such as Apache Kafka. An end-to-end real-time analytics data platform requires real-time analytical queries and real-time ingestion. However, it is rare to find a data platform that satisfies both of these requirements. With the launch of MemSQL Pipelines as a native feature...