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Diversifying Your Enterprise Tech Stack

Companies are living organisms. As they mature they tend to slow down a bit and align to familiar routines. This pattern has the benefit of keeping the primary corporate economic engine stable and avoiding unintentional disruption. However, that same ‘disruption avoidance’ can cause companies to become so sedentary that they miss the next innovation wave. Conceptually, we understand the desire and need for large companies to stay innovative, and they try many different approaches to avoid...

How We Hire Engineers

How We Hire Remarkable Engineers

To achieve our vision of building the next great database company, we seek the highest caliber engineers. Each team member brings expertise in areas like storage systems, code generation, query optimization, infrastructure testing, and more to MemSQL, with previous roles at companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google. Our engineering team includes graduates of top university programs, including MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon University, and highly-rated competition programmers...