Strata Talks

Five Talks for Solving Big Data Challenges at Strata+Hadoop World

Strata+Hadoop World in San Jose kicks-off next week on March 14, offering data engineers and business intelligence professionals a place to gather and learn about the most challenging problems, engaging use cases, and enticing opportunities in data today. MemSQL will be showcasing real-time data as a vehicle for operationalizing machine-learning, exploring advanced tools including TensorFlow, Apache Spark, and Apache Kafka. We will also be demonstrating the power of machine learning to effect...

Digital Ocean MemSQL Tutorial

Digital Ocean Tutorial Gets You Up and Running in Minutes

As fun as it is to squirrel around inside the guts of some new technology, it’s sometimes nice to follow a recipe and end up with something that Just Works. For years, Digital Ocean, an up and coming cloud provider, has been producing quality tutorials on how to set up cool software on their virtual machines. Today Ian Hansen published an in-depth tutorial on setting up a three-node MemSQL cluster. Check it out here. Go to the Digital Ocean tutorial and learn how to install MemSQL in...