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MemSQL Manages Smart Meter Data with Leading Gas and Electric Utility Enterprise

Smart gas and electric meters produce huge volumes of data. A small MemSQL cluster of 5 nodes easily handles massive quantities of data like the workloads from leading gas and electric utility enterprises. In one particular use case, over 200,000 meter readings per second load into the MemSQL database while users simultaneously process queries against that data. Millions of meters sending between 10 and 30 sensor readings every hour leading to billions of rows of data. Just an initial part of a...

Real-Time Analytics Case Study

AppsFlyer Shares Journey to Real-Time Analytics Using MemSQL

At Reversim Summit 2016, AppsFlyer, a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform based out of Israel, presented their MemSQL use case. Yulia Trakhtenberg, Data Team leader at AppsFlyer, shared her team’s story and spoke about why the MemSQL in-memory scalable database provided the best solution for their problems. Problem AppsFlyer aggregates some 8 billion daily events in real time and their solution could not handle this amount of data using their current solution. Their team...