In-Memory Database Survey Reveals Top Use Case: Real-Time Analytics

By Freja Mickos on August 27th 2015 in Analytics, real-time, research

To shed light on the state of the in-memory database market, we conducted a survey on the prevalent use cases for in-memory databases. Respondents included software architects, developers, enterprise executives and data scientists1. The results revealed a high demand for real-time capabilities, such as analytics and data capture, as well as a high level of interest in Spark Streaming. […]


Making Painless Schema Changes

By Adam Prout on August 20th 2015 in Engineering

The ability to change a table’s schema without downtime in production is a critical feature of any database system. In spite of this, many traditional relational databases have poor support for it. Quick and easy schema changes was a key advantage of early distributed NoSQL systems, but of course, those systems jettison relational capabilities. Though […]


How to Write Compilers in Modern C++ – Meetup with Drew Paroski

By Emily Friedman on August 18th 2015 in Engineering, Events

Visit our SoMa headquarters this Wednesday, August 19th for our third official meetup, from 6pm-8pm! This is an exclusive opportunity to learn the art of building compilers from Drew Paroski. Before joining MemSQL, Drew co-created the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) and Hack programming language to support Facebook’s web scale across a growing user base in […]


How to Deploy MemSQL on the Mesosphere DCOS

By Wayne Song on August 17th 2015 in Engineering, Mesosphere

The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is a distributed operating system designed to span all machines in a datacenter. It provides mechanisms for deploying applications across the entire system with a few simple commands. MemSQL is a great fit for deployment on DCOS because of its distributed, memory-optimized design. For example, users can scale computation […]


The Resurgence of Scala for Big Data

By Emily Friedman on August 13th 2015 in Engineering, Scala

Big Data Scala by the Bay, Aug 16-18, is shaping up to be an engaging event, and will bring together top data engineers, data scientists, developers, and data managers who use the Scala language to build big data pipelines. At the MemSQL booth, we will showcase how enterprises can streamline this process by building their […]


Introducing the First MemSQL Video Training Series

By Lesia Myroshnichenko on August 10th 2015 in SQL, Training

We are thrilled to have Carlos Bueno, Product Manager at MemSQL and an expert in performance tuning, as the leader of many of our training efforts. Prior to working at MemSQL, Carlos held critical engineering roles at Facebook, Yahoo, and several startups. He is the author of “Lauren Ipsum”, a popular children’s novel that introduces […]


Gearing Up for Gartner Catalyst in San Diego

By Kevin White on August 6th 2015 in Events, Gartner

Gartner Catalyst Conference kicks off next week, Aug 10-13 in San Diego, and we are thrilled to speak and exhibit at the event. Stop by the MemSQL booth #518 to see our latest demos: MemCity, Supercar, and Pinterest.  MemSQL CEO, Eric Frenkiel, and the MemSQL product team will be available at the booth to answer any questions. […]


MemSQL Community Edition Available on AWS and Azure Marketplaces

By Carlos Bueno on August 4th 2015 in Announcements, Cloud, Product

Good news, everyone! Today we’re releasing MemSQL Community Edition on the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces. Many of our customers run MemSQL in the cloud, and often their entire infrastructure. An even larger number try MemSQL first on the cloud before pulling it into their production systems. A great example is VCare, currently using […]


Download the New and Improved MemSQL Ops

By Steven Camina on August 3rd 2015 in Engineering

The latest release of MemSQL Ops – version 4.0.34 – is now available for download! In this release, we are offering MemSQL users new features to accelerate productivity. Download MemSQL Ops to get up and running on MemSQL Community Edition or MemSQL Enterprise Edition today. MemSQL Ops downloads and upgrades are available for free to all […]


MemSQL Cited As a Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm

By Freja Mickos on August 3rd 2015 in Announcements, Industry, Thought Leadership

As adoption of in-memory databases grows at a faster and faster pace, IT leaders turn to research firms to find valuable use cases and guidance for purchasing options. We are thrilled to share that MemSQL was among the select companies that Forrester Research invited to participate in its 2015 Forrester Wave™ evaluation. In this evaluation, […]


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