MemSQL at the AMP Lab

By Gary Orenstein on March 6th 2015 in Company, Engineering

Please join us next week as two members of the MemSQL engineering team present at the AMPLab at Berkeley on Wednesday March 11th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. AMP SEMINAR Ankur Goyal and Anders Papitto, MemSQL, A Distributed In-Memory SQL Database Wednesday 3/11, Noon, 405 Soda Hall, Berkeley Talk Abstract This talk will cover the major […]


Video: The State of In-Memory and Apache Spark

By Kevin White on February 25th 2015 in In-Memory, Industry, Spark

Strata+Hadoop World was full of activity for MemSQL. Our keynote explained why real-time is the next phase for big data. We showcased a live application with Pinterest where they combine Spark and MemSQL to ingest and analyze real-time data. And we gave away dozens of prizes to Strata+Hadoop attendees who proved their latency crushing skills […]


Data Stores for the Internet of Things

By Gary Orenstein on February 24th 2015 in Industry, Thought Leadership

Like the world wide web, the Internet of Things is personal. It represents a near complete connectedness, including the industrial world, and never ending possibilities of new applications and services. The Internet of Things also represents a need to examine conventional assumptions on databases and data stores to support real-time data pipelines. In an article […]


How Pinterest Measures Real-Time User Engagement with Spark

By Neil Dahlke on February 18th 2015 in Case Study, Spark

Setting the Stage for Spark With Spark on track to replace MapReduce, enterprises are flocking to the open source framework in effort to take advantage of its superior distributed data processing power. IT leads that manage infrastructure and data pipelines of high-traffic websites are running Spark–in particular, Spark Streaming which is ideal for structuring real-time […]


Big Data, Big Fun! Visit MemSQL at Strata Booth 1015

By Gary Orenstein on February 18th 2015 in Company

The fun begins at Strata + Hadoop World this week in San Jose. Be sure to check out MemSQL at Booth 1015 for the latest product details, demonstrations, games, and prizes. Here is a quick rundown of our activity at the show. MemSQL Introduces Seamless Spark Connectivity for Enterprise Deployments Last week, MemSQL announced a […]


Operationalizing Spark with MemSQL

By Gary Orenstein on February 11th 2015 in Product, Spark

In Short: Combining the data processing prowess of Spark with a real-time database for transactions and analytics, where both are memory-optimized and distributed, leads to powerful new business use cases. MemSQL Spark Connector links at end of this post. Data Appetite and Evolution Our generation of, and appetite for, data continues unabated. This drives a […]


Run Real-Time Applications with Spark and the MemSQL Spark Connector

By Wayne Song on February 10th 2015 in Product

Apache Spark is one of the most powerful distributed computing frameworks available today. Its combination of fast, in-memory computing with an architecture that’s easy to understand has made it popular for users working with huge amounts of data. While Spark shines at operating on large datasets, it still requires a solution for data persistence. HDFS […]


Closing the Batch Gap

By Gary Orenstein on February 6th 2015 in Industry

Sometimes we become so accustomed to certain things, we stop asking questions and accept the status quo. That can last a long time. Such is the case with batch processing in the enterprise. And it was made abundantly clear in a survey titled “Enterprise Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Trends” by the Enterprise Strategy […]


Shutterstock’s Secret to a Healthy IT Infrastructure

By Gary Orenstein on February 5th 2015 in Case Study

In our connected world, some businesses adapted to the Internet, and some businesses blossomed with the Internet. Shutterstock embodies defining characteristics of the latter. For more than ten years, Shutterstock has grown into one of the largest and most vibrant two-sided marketplace for creative professionals to license and contribute content, including images, videos and music. […]


Four Ways Your DBMS is Holding You Back – And One Simple Fix

By Kevin White on January 23rd 2015 in Industry, Thought Leadership

Our data is changing faster than our data centers, making it harder and harder to keep up with the influx of incoming information, let alone make use of it. IT teams still tolerate overnight batch processing. The cost of scaling legacy solutions remains cost prohibitive. And many promised solutions force a complete departure from the […]


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