How MemSQL Distributes Data

By Carlos Bueno on March 18th 2014 in Engineering, Thought Leadership

The world is moving toward highly-parallel, distributed systems up and down the stack. It started with the app servers on the front lines. Now it’s happening at the data layer. This is generally a good thing, but these kinds of systems can sometimes feel like a foreign country. In this article we’ll talk about how […]


The Size & Shape of Your Tables

By Carlos Bueno on March 11th 2014 in Engineering, Thought Leadership

If you ever catch yourself doing mental arithmetic, or writing complex queries while trying to debug a capacity or performance problem, it’s a sign that your database is missing a feature. The information you need may exist, but it’s scattered. One of the most frequent feature requests from our users was more detailed statistics about […]


MemSQL Tip Tuesday: How to Use the MemSQL Cluster Installer

By Conor Doherty on March 11th 2014 in Engineering

Whether installing MemSQL on premises or in the cloud, the Cluster Installer is a fast way to get started. The Cluster Installer is a simple command line tool that installs and configures an entire MemSQL Cluster to your specifications. Watch this short instructional video to see how easy it is. There are several advantages to […]


Through a Table, Sparsely

By Carlos Bueno on February 26th 2014 in Engineering

Take a look at your database. What do you see? An alphabetic list of table names. Is that really the most important thing to know? Surely, other facts about your database are more interesting. Maybe you want to know how big the tables are. Database table sizes, like mountain heights and city populations and book […]


The Story Behind MemSQL’s Skiplist Indexes

By Adam Prout on January 20th 2014 in Engineering

The most popular data structure used for indexing in relational databases is the Btree (or its variant the B+tree).  Btrees rose to popularity because they do fewer disk I/O operations to run a lookup compared to other balanced trees.  To the best of my knowledge, MemSQL is the first commercial relational database in production today […]


Notes on Sizing a MemSQL Cluster

By Carlos Bueno on December 18th 2013 in Engineering

One of the most valuable features a distributed system can have is predictability. When a system is predictable, you can reason about how it will respond to changes in workload. You can run small-scale experiments, and trust that the results will scale linearly. It’s much more pleasant and efficient to tailor the hardware to the […]


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