Cache is the new RAM

By Carlos Bueno on November 19th 2014 in Engineering, Thought Leadership

This is a talk given at Defrag 2014. One of the (few) advantages of being in technology for a long time is that you get to see multiple tech cycles beginning to end. You get to see how breakthroughs actually propagate. If all you have seen is a part of the curve, it’s hard to […]


MemSQL and Cisco Work Together to Make Real-Time Performance on Hadoop a Reality

By Conor Doherty on October 21st 2014 in Engineering, Product

While Hadoop is great for storing large volumes of data, it’s too slow for building real-time applications. However, our recent collaboration with Cisco provides a solution for Hadoop users who want a better way of processing real-time data. Using Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure including APIC and Nexus switch technology, we’ve been able to demonstrate exceptional […]


Predictions for Apache Spark, IoT, and In-Memory Computing – Video Interview with Mike Hendrickson of O’Reilly Media

By Kevin White on October 20th 2014 in Industry

While at Strata+Hadoop World, MemSQL CEO, Eric Frenkiel, sat down with Mike Hendrickson of O’Reilly Media for a conversation about the evolution of the database ecosystem, and how Hadoop and in-memory computing fit into the picture. Watch this 8 minute interview to learn more about: Developments throughout the in-memory data technology market, and where it […]


MemSQL Does Oracle’s Own Demo Ten Times As Fast, Sixty Times Cheaper

By Nikita Shamgunov on October 1st 2014 in Engineering, Industry, Product

In preparation for Open World, I asked some of our engineers to recreate a demo that Oracle has been using over the last year to show off their “in-memory option.” It’s impressive to look at: the demo shows the database searching through billions of records from Wikipedia search trend data for popular terms in less than […]


The Internet of Furbies

By Neil Dahlke on October 1st 2014 in Company, Engineering, Thought Leadership

At MemSQL engineering there are few things we love as much as building great products. One, however, is a good laugh. This past weekend a team from MemSQL set out to make our mothers proud at Cultivated Wit’s Comedy Hack Day, an event for comedians and hackers to get together in attempt to make the […]


MemSQL Announces Strategic Investment from In-Q-Tel

By Kate Borger on September 23rd 2014 in Company

Today MemSQL is excited to announce an investment from In-Q-Tel (IQT), the strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community.


Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: MemSQL at CMU

By Ankur Goyal on September 16th 2014 in Engineering, Product

Last week I gave a presentation as part of the “Seven Databases in Seven Weeks” seminar series designed to showcase new technologies available for front-end application developers. Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University, the series features leading developers of NoSQL and NewSQL database management systems. Watch the presentation below to learn about Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) and MemSQL’s […]


The Auto Macro: A Clean Approach to C++ Error Handling

By Marko Tintor on September 15th 2014 in Engineering

Every professional C++ engineer sooner or later asks herself a question: “How do I write exception safe code?” The problem is far from trivial. In this post, Marko Tintor explains a new approach for writing exception safe C++.


Running MemSQL’s 107 Node Test Infrastructure on CoreOS

By Carl Sverre on September 10th 2014 in Engineering, Thought Leadership

At a recent CoreOS meetup, I gave a presentation on the design and implementation of Psyduck, which is the name for MemSQL’s test infrastructure.  In this talk, I’ll explain how MemSQL runs over 60,000 tests every day on our 107 machine cluster running CoreOS.


Debunking Myths Surrounding the Modern Database Landscape

By Kate Borger on September 4th 2014 in Industry

Is your organization experiencing common NoSQL pain points around performance, scale, and flexibility? New database technologies can help eliminate ETL and provide instant access to your data to allow for data-driven decisions that happen in real-time. Join MemSQL on Tuesday, September 9 at 10 am PT to learn more about the realities of NoSQL, misconceptions […]


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