Digital Ocean Tutorial Gets You Up and Running in Minutes

By Carlos Bueno on September 30th 2015 in Company, Product

As fun as it is to squirrel around inside the guts of some new technology, it’s sometimes nice to follow a recipe and end up with something that Just Works. For years, Digital Ocean, an up and coming cloud provider, has been producing quality tutorials on how to set up cool software on their virtual […]


Making Faster Decisions with Real-Time Data Pipelines

By Kevin White on September 29th 2015 in real-time, research, Spark


Build Real-Time Data Pipelines with MemSQL Streamliner

By Ankur Goyal on September 24th 2015 in real-time, Spark

MemSQL Streamliner is now generally available! Streamliner is an integrated MemSQL and Apache Spark solution for streaming data from real-time data sources, such as sensors, IoT devices, transactions, application data and logs. Register for our webcast to see MemSQL Streamliner in action The MemSQL database pairs perfectly with Apache Spark out-of-the-box. Apache Spark is a […]


Rapid Scaling for Startups: Lessons from Salesforce and Twitter

By Chris Fry on September 21st 2015 in Events, Thought Leadership

RSVP for the MemSQL Meetup: 10 Tips to Rapidly Scale Your Startup with Chris Fry, former SVP of Engineering at Twitter There is nothing more challenging and exciting than experiencing hyper growth at a technology company. As users adopt a technology platform you have to rebuild the technology plane while flying it which can be […]


5 Big Data Themes – Live from the Show Floor

By Gary Orenstein on September 17th 2015 in Events

We spent last week at the Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston. Big data trade shows, particularly those mixed with sophisticated practitioners and people seeking new solutions, are always a perfect opportunity to take a market pulse. Here are the big 5 big data themes we encountered over the course of two days. Real-Time Over […]


Incumbents and Contenders in the $33B Database Market

By Bruce Armstrong on September 15th 2015 in In Memory Database, Success Stories, Thought Leadership

The database market continues to surprise those of us who have been in it for a while. After the initial wave of consolidation in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the market has exploded with new entrants: column-stores, document databases, NoSQL, in-memory, graph databases, and more. But who will truly challenge the incumbents for a […]


Join MemSQL in Boston for Big Data Innovation Summit

By Kevin White on September 9th 2015 in Events

The Big Data Innovation Summit kicks off in Boston today, uniting some of the biggest data-driven brands, like Nike, Uber, and Airbnb. The conference is an opportunity for industry leaders to share diverse big data initiatives and learn how to approach prominent data challenges. We are exhibiting at booth #23 and will showcase several demos: […]


Locate This! The Battle for App-specific Maps

By Gary Orenstein on September 3rd 2015 in Geospatial, Industry, real-time

In early August, a consortium of the largest German automakers including Audi, BMW, and Daimler (Mercedes) purchased Nokia’s Here mapping unit, the largest competitor to Google Maps, for $3 billion. It is no longer easy to get lost. Quite the opposite, we expect and rely on maps for our most common Internet tasks from basic […]


Understanding MemSQL in 5 Easy Questions

By Conor Doherty on August 31st 2015 in Product

The funny thing about MemSQL is that it is simultaneously familiar and leading edge. On one hand, it is a relational database management system with a SQL interface – you probably already know how to use one of those! On the other hand, it stores data in memory and runs in a cluster – you […]


In-Memory Database Survey Reveals Top Use Case: Real-Time Analytics

By Freja Mickos on August 27th 2015 in Analytics, real-time, research

To shed light on the state of the in-memory database market, we conducted a survey on the prevalent use cases for in-memory databases. Respondents included software architects, developers, enterprise executives and data scientists1. The results revealed a high demand for real-time capabilities, such as analytics and data capture, as well as a high level of interest in Spark Streaming. […]


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