Case Study: How Tradelab Enables Real-Time Bidding with MemSQL

By Lesia Myroshnichenko on November 19th 2015 in In-Memory, real-time, Success Stories

Tradelab, a programmatic marketing platform company based in France, uses MemSQL to process and analyze real-time bidding data for hundreds of customers. Challenge: NoSQL Data Latency The Tradelab real-time ad serving platform requires a heavy mixed read/write workload, and the NoSQL database they had in place was introducing unnecessary data latency into the ad-bidding process. […]


Everyone Deserves Nice Things

By Douglas Butler on November 17th 2015 in Cloud, Company, Engineering, IoT

Software is eating the world! It’s a data explosion! The Internet is now of Things! Scratch that, even better – it is of Everything! Did Big Data just call out IoT on Twitter? Click here to find out. [1] I kid the Internet. In all seriousness, what a magical time we live in. Moore’s Law […]


Building Real-Time Data Pipelines through In-Memory Architectures [Webcast]

By Kevin White on November 13th 2015 in Lambda Architecture, real-time

In the era of universal connectivity, the faster you can move data from point A to B the better. Equipping your organization with the ability to make frequent decisions in an instant offers information and intelligence advantages, such as staying one step ahead of the competition. This is especially important when incoming data is arriving […]


Coinalytics Taps MemSQL to Fuel Blockchain Analytics

By Emily Friedman on November 10th 2015 in Analytics, In-Memory, Spark, SQL, Success Stories

Bitcoin has occupied headlines of technology and business publications over the past several years. The concept of digital currency, or cryptocurrency, rocked the financial industry, and public opinion about the applications of Bitcoin continues to ebb and flow. Today, Bitcoin is being overshadowed by another technology: blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger for Bitcoin and […]


Market Making with MemSQL: Simulating Billions of Stock Trades in Real Time

By Conor Doherty on November 5th 2015 in real-time, SQL

I woke up around 7:30 AM on Monday August 24th, checked my phone while lying in bed, and saw that I had lost thousands of dollars in my sleep. Great way to start the week… I was not alone – few investors escaped “Black Monday” unscathed. The past several months have been full of sudden […]


Technical Deep Dive into MemSQL Streamliner

By Wayne Song on November 3rd 2015 in Engineering, Product, Spark

MemSQL Streamliner, an open source tool available on GitHub, is an integrated solution for building real-time data pipelines using Apache Spark. With Streamliner, you can stream data from real-time data sources (e.g. Apache Kafka), perform data transformations within Apache Spark, and ultimately load data into MemSQL for persistence and application serving. Streamliner is great tool […]


Find Your IoT Use Case

By Kevin White on October 22nd 2015 in IoT

As enterprises invest billions of dollars in solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), business leaders seek compelling IoT use cases that tap into new sources of revenue and maximize operational efficiency. At the same time, advancements in data architectures and in-memory computing continue to fuel the IoT fire, enabling organizations to affordably operate at […]


Why MemSQL Placed a Bet on SQL

By Carlos Bueno on October 20th 2015 in Company, SQL

In the technology industry, when products or innovations last for a long period of time, they are often here to stay. SQL is a great example of this – it has been around for over 30 years and is not going away anytime soon. When Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov founded MemSQL in 2011, they […]


The Benefits of an In-Memory Database

By Lesia Myroshnichenko on October 15th 2015 in In Memory Database

Our CTO and co-founder Nikita Shamgunov recently sat down with Software Engineering Daily. In the interview, Nikita focused on the ideal use cases for an in-memory database, compared to a disk-based store, and clarified how MemSQL compares to MySQL. In this post, we will dig deeper into how we define the ‘in-memory database’ and summarize […]


Building an Infinitely Scalable Testing System

By Doug Doan on October 14th 2015 in Engineering

Quality needs to be architected like any other feature in enterprise software. At MemSQL, we build test systems so we can ship new releases as often as possible. In the software world, continuous testing allows you to make tiny changes along the way and keep innovating quickly. Such continuous testing is an essential task—and on […]


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