Four Ways Your DBMS is Holding You Back – And One Simple Fix

By Kevin White on January 23rd 2015 in Industry, Thought Leadership

Our data is changing faster than our data centers, making it harder and harder to keep up with the influx of incoming information, let alone make use of it. IT teams still tolerate overnight batch processing. The cost of scaling legacy solutions remains cost prohibitive. And many promised solutions force a complete departure from the […]


The Rise of the Cloud Memory Price Drop

By Gary Orenstein on January 16th 2015 in Industry

Last week, Data Center Knowledge published a piece on Microsoft’s ‘Monster’ Azure instances, with RAM capacities approaching half a terabyte at 448 GB. Microsoft Azure has launched its most powerful cloud instances to date. The new G-series instances go up to 32 cores, 448 GiB of RAM, and 6,596 GB of local SSD storage. Microsoft […]


Welcome Jerry Held as MemSQL Executive Chairman

By Eric Frenkiel on January 14th 2015 in Company

At MemSQL, we have always respected the challenges the computing industry has tackled in the past. It is no easy feat to build formidable technology companies, and when it happens, we look on with admiration. It is in that spirit that we are thrilled to welcome Jerry Held as Executive Chairman of MemSQL. Jerry’s experience […]


Market Guide for In-Memory DBMS

By Kevin White on January 12th 2015 in Industry

From the inception of MemSQL, we’ve seen the ability to merge transactions and analytics into a single database system as a core function for any data centric organization. Gartner’s recent report, “Market Guide for In-Memory DBMS” mirrors that belief, and is chock full of key findings and recommendations for businesses looking to take advantage of […]


A Sensor In It, A Database Behind It

By Gary Orenstein on January 6th 2015 in Thought Leadership

On opening day, Molly Wood at The New York Times recounted the official CES theme emerging as “Put a sensor in it.” The unofficial theme seemed to be: Put a sensor in it. Later that day Samsung declared its entire product portfolio will be connected within 5 years. “In five years,” every single one of […]


Load Files from Amazon S3 and HDFS with the MemSQL Loader

By Wayne Song on December 30th 2014 in Company, Engineering

One of the most common tasks with any database is loading large amounts of data into it from an external data store. Both MemSQL and MySQL provide the LOAD DATA command for this task; this command is very powerful, but by itself, it has a number of restrictions: It can only read from the local […]


Full Speed Ahead

By Gary Orenstein on December 18th 2014 in Company

Nearly ten years ago I received a phone call about a startup in Silicon Valley solving application performance problems with memory. From my data center infrastructure experience, I knew the days of mechanical disk drives were limited. I had to get on the memory train, so I went. That experience led me to meet the […]


Gary Orenstein Joins MemSQL as Chief Marketing Officer

By Conor Doherty on December 18th 2014 in Company, Updates

News release: MemSQL Welcomes Gary Orenstein as Chief Marketing Officer SAN FRANCISCO, December 18, 2014 – MemSQL, the leader in real-time and historical Big Data analytics, today announced that Gary Orenstein has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Orenstein will lead the marketing strategy, growth, communications, and customer engagement as MemSQL expands […]


Chris Fry Joins MemSQL Advisory Board

By Conor Doherty on December 11th 2014 in Company

We are excited to announce that web scaling expert and technology growth executive Chris Fry has joined the MemSQL advisory board. Chris will provide technical and organizational expertise to MemSQL as we expand the capabilities and market adoption of our distributed in-memory database. Scaling expert @chfry former executive at @twitter and @salesforce joins @memsql advisory […]


Cache is the new RAM

By Carlos Bueno on November 19th 2014 in Engineering, Thought Leadership

This is a talk given at Defrag 2014. One of the (few) advantages of being in technology for a long time is that you get to see multiple tech cycles beginning to end. You get to see how breakthroughs actually propagate. If all you have seen is a part of the curve, it’s hard to […]


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