Celebrating MemSQL Availability Two Years In

By Eric Frenkiel on April 23rd 2015 in Company

Today, I couldn’t be more excited to mark the two year anniversary of MemSQL general availability! MemSQL began with a simple idea to build a new database that would give any company the ability to operate in real-time and make their business more data-driven, responsive, and scalable. Since releasing MemSQL, it’s been an amazingly fun […]


Harnessing the Enterprise Capabilities of Spark

By Conor Doherty on April 16th 2015 in Spark

As more developers and data scientists try Apache Spark, they ask questions about persistence, transactions and mutable data, and how to deploy statistical models in production. To address some of these questions, our CEO Eric Frenkiel recently wrote an article for Data Informed explaining key use cases integrating MemSQL and Spark together to drive concrete […]


Real-Time Stream Processing Architecture with Hadoop and MemSQL

By Lesia Myroshnichenko on April 15th 2015 in hadoop, Lambda Architecture, real-time

With Hadoop Summit Europe underway today, we wanted to share some thoughts on how MemSQL fits in to the Hadoop ecosystem. While MemSQL and Hadoop are both data stores, they fill different roles in the data processing and analytics stack. The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) enables businesses to store large volumes of immutable data, […]


Boost Conversions with Overlap Ad Targeting

By Conor Doherty on April 14th 2015 in Engineering, SQL

Digital advertising is a numbers game played out over billions of interactions. Advertisers and publishers build predictive models for buying and selling traffic, then apply those models over and over again. Even small changes to a model, changes that alter conversion rates by fractions of a percent, can have a profound impact on revenue over […]


Filling the Gap Between HANA and Hadoop

By Gary Orenstein on April 9th 2015 in Gartner, In-Memory, Thought Leadership

Takeaways from the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit Last week, MemSQL had the opportunity to participate in the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Las Vegas. It was a fun chance to talk to hundreds of analytics users about their current challenges and future plans. As an in-memory database company, we fielded questions […]


Real-Time Geospatial Intelligence with Supercar

By Gary Orenstein on March 30th 2015 in Events, Gartner, Geospatial

Today, MemSQL is showcasing a brand new demonstration of real-time geospatial location intelligence at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Las Vegas. The demonstration, titled Supercar, makes use of a dataset containing the details of 170 million real world taxi rides. By sampling this dataset and creating real-time records while simultaneously querying the […]


MemSQL at Gartner Business Analytics and Intelligence Summit

By Kevin White on March 27th 2015 in Events

We are thrilled to be in Las Vegas this week for the Gartner Business Analytics and Intelligence Summit. We will be at booth #119 and we have a ton in store for the event, including games and giveaways, happy hour for attendees, and a featured session from MemSQL CEO, Eric Frenkiel. We will also be […]


In The End We Seek Structure

By Gary Orenstein on March 27th 2015 in Industry, SQL

In Short: A range of assumptions led to a boom in NoSQL solutions, but in the end, SQL and relational models find their way back as a critical part of data management. In the End We Seek Structure. Why SQL and relational models are back as a critical part of data management – Click to […]


Turn Up the Volume With High-Speed Counters

By Nikita Shamgunov on March 24th 2015 in Engineering, real-time

Scaling tends to make even simple things, like counting, seem difficult. In the past, businesses used specialized databases for particular tasks, including high-speed, high-throughput event counters. Due to the constraints of legacy systems, some people still assume that relational databases cannot  handle high-throughput tasks at scale. However, due to advances like in-memory storage, high-throughput counting […]


MemSQL at Spark Summit East

By Gary Orenstein on March 17th 2015 in Geospatial, Spark

We are happy to be in New York City this week for Spark Summit East. We will be sharing more about our new geospatial capabilities, as well as the work with Esri to showcase the power of MemSQL geospatial features in conjunction with Apache Spark. Last week we shared the preliminary release of MemSQL geospatial […]


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